Nice to meet you, I am Ralph.

Born in 1973, raised in Milan and immigrated with my family to Israel in 1978. 

keen eye for aesthetics and a strong attraction to visual arts combined with my natural technical skills and autodidact 'way of life' have taken me through various artistic stages in life (drumming, graphic design, photo editor/re-toucher etc') all of which are still a great part of who I am today.

In 2014 I took the plunge into the magical world of photography... easily the most fulfilling, 'eureka' moment I have ever experienced! 
It combines my career of 25 years as a 

Visual Communicator and my natural technical skills to produce stunning images both in-camera and in through my editing and re-touching expertise.

A multidisciplinary photographer and a post production artist with a special enthusiasm for automotive photography.

Let's chat about your photography needs.

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